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Please choose 1 Liberal Arts course

Take your pick from 3 of these modern twists on Liberal Arts classics.

  • Intro to Psychology

    The science of the mind. Learn more

  • Intro to Sociology

    Explore the fabric of society. Learn more

  • Intro to Philosophy

    The big questions, examined. Learn more

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Please choose 1 Business course

Learn the basics of how any business works in Intro to Business, or unlock the economics fundamentals (both Macro and Micro) in Principles of Economics.

  • Intro to Business

    The art of creating value. Learn more

  • Principles of Economics

    Economics in a nutshell. Learn more

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Master the building blocks of mathematics with either our College Algebra or Precalculus course

  • College Algebra

    Math rules everything around us. Learn more

  • Precalculus

    Master the building blocks of Calculus. Learn more

What’s the difference between College Algebra and Precalculus?

  • College Algebra

    College Algebra

    • Contains 7 chapters of content (3 fewer than Precalculus)
    • Moves at a slightly more relaxed pace than Precalculus
    • Does not include trigonometry unit
  • Precalculus


    • Contains 10 chapters of content
    • Covers the same content as College Algebra + a trigonometry unit
    • Is a prerequisite for Calculus I (and recommended for future STEM studies)

Both courses:

  • Specifically designed for students with high school- or GED-level math literacy
  • No prior experience in a college-level math course necessary

What fields of study are you currently interested in?

  • History, Literature, Philosophy, Languages, Visual arts

  • Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology

  • Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Biology

  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, IT, Network Administrator, and Cyber Security

  • Engineering, Architecture and Design, Environmental Studies

  • Business Administration, Management, Marketing

  • Journalism, Mass media, Public Relations, Broadcasting

  • Graphic Design, Animation, Video Game Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design

  • Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Health Education, Secondary Education, Special Education

  • Human Physical Performance and Recreation, Nursing, Medicine

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Composition requirement

Get prepped for any kind of writing that school—or life—throws at you: business emails, social media posts, essays, and beyond.

College Writing I

Unlock the power of words. Learn more

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