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From the co-founder of MasterClass, the world’s best Calculus course is here.

Outlier’s groundbreaking, science-backed approach is delivering unprecedented student success. 

Choose from 3 world-class instructors to find the teaching style that best suits you. Practice your skills with question sets, quizzes, and a gorgeous active -learning-based digital textbook.

Using real-world examples from science to sports to human happiness, this painless(ish) course will help you master calculus (and even enjoy some non-derivative laughs along the way). 

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We’ve hand-selected three renowned instructors from MIT, Davidson, and University College London. Sample each instructor and choose one that best fits your learning style, or hop between all three!

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First, choose between a 14-week term or 7-week intensive. 

Enjoy cinematic video lessons (our CEO co-founded MasterClass), and choose between our 3 Calculus instructors. 

Enhance your learning with gorgeous interactive textbooks based on evidence-based active learning principles. 

When it is time for exams, open windows are designed to fit around your schedule. 

Earn 3 transferable college credits provided by University of Pittsburgh, a Top 60 school.

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Hit a snag on the site? Have a burning question? We’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated Student Success team is available to assist you—and push you—to help you pass with flying colors. 

Free tutoring is available for this course when you need it. And, if you do all the work but do not pass, we will offer a full refund*.

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Transferable credits from a top 60 school

You'll earn college credits from the University of Pittsburgh upon course completion.

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What’s Covered

  • Functions

    Representing Functions

    Modeling with Functions

    Transforming Functions

    Exponential Functions

    Inverse and Logarithmic Functions


    Tangents and Instantaneous Velocity

    Limits of Functions

    Limit Laws

    Continuity of Functions

    Limits at Infinity


    Derivatives as Functions

  • Integration

    Approximating Area and Distance

    Definite Integrals

    The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

    Indefinite Integrals

    Using Substitution


    Differentiating Polynomials and Exponential Functions

    The Product and Quotient Rules

    Differentiating Trigonometric Functions

    The Chain Rule

    Implicit Differentiation

    Differentiating Logarithmic Functions

    Differentiating in the Sciences

    Differentiating Exponential Functions

    Related Rates

    Linearization and Differentials

    Hyperbolic Functions

  • Applying integration

    Finding Areas Between Curves

    Volume by Integration

    Volume by Integration - Cylindrical Shells

    Calculating Work

    The Mean Value Theorem for Integrals

    Applying differentiation

    Finding Maximums and Minimums

    The Mean Value Theorem

    Derivative Tests

    Indeterminates and L'Hospital's Rule

    Sketching Curves

    Using Graphing Tools



Freqently asked questions

  • $400 per course, for now. Our goal is to reduce the cost of college and reduce student debt, but there are many factors to consider as we plan for 2020 and beyond. TLDR: if you want the introductory price of $400, enroll asap!

  • Yes, you can be anywhere in the universe (with wifi) and you'll be able to complete the course.

  • If you've put in the time and effort to do all the work for the course but do not receive a passing grade, that's on us and you will receive a full refund! You may also exit the course before the drop deadline to receive a full refund (12 days from start for 15-week courses, and 3 days from start for 7-week intensive courses). For more information on refunds please refer to our Refund Policy.

  • Tutoring sessions will be scheduled to maximize compatibility with students’ schedules and availability. Exams are each open to take for a set window of time (usually several days); however, all other course materials are available to you from the time the course opens through the end of the final exam window.

  • We are excited to be partnering with the University of Pittsburgh for our courses. Upon successful completion, you will receive 3 college semester credits from the University of Pittsburgh, transferrable to other colleges and universities subject to review and approval by the receiving institution.

    When you transfer your credits, it will come as an official transcript from the University of Pittsburgh for Fundamentals of Calculus I (MATH 6210) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 6010).

    Not sure how to approve your credits or where to start? We’ve created a Transfer Credit Tool Kit for each step you would need to complete when approving and transferring your credits (checklist included).

    Once you've completed the course, you may request a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh and they will send an official E-Transcript to your school of choice.

  • We have technology built into our courses that allows us to prevent academic dishonesty and detect it if it occurs.

  • Yes, we welcome international students from most countries, subject to certain limited restrictions under U.S. trade law.

  • Unfortunately, no.

  • If you have a request for reasonable disability accommodations, contact Please include specifics regarding the accommodation you are seeking. Additionally, if you have a disability accommodations letter from a school you are currently attending, you may send that to us as well.

    Outlier is committed to ensuring that learners with accessibility needs have equal opportunity to succeed in our courses.

  • Early on in the process of designing Outlier, we found that many students use their laptops late at night, and don’t feel like staring into a lightbulb. Too much white in the background of videos and active learning would be fatiguing and unpleasant. We also think it’s pretty neat that we decided to do this before Apple shifted everything to dark mode.

  • Unlike most things that sound too good to be true, this is for real — $400 for 3 college credits that you can transfer to your school of choice. Our team has been working tirelessly to build a product that will make world-class education more equitable and more accessible, and change the way people define excellent education.

  • ... engaging and beautifully-produced online courses that earn students real college credit.”

  • ... accessible college classes at a fraction of the cost.”

  • ... making distance learning as good as the real thing.”