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Treat Your Brain

Outlier’s brain food is delicious: students say it’s the best online course they’ve ever taken. (And that they’re way better than Zoom lectures.)

It’s nutritious too, with 3 transferable college credits per slice, and 0 calories. Plus, it’s risk-free: we offer a full refund if you do all the work and don’t pass—that’s on us.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, choose between a 14-week term or 7-week intensive.
  • Enjoy cinematic video lessons (our CEO co-founded MasterClass) at your own pace.
  • Enhance your learning with gorgeous interactive textbooks based on evidence-backed active learning principles.
  • When it is time for exams, open windows are designed to fit around your schedule.
  • Earn 3 transferable college credits provided by University of Pittsburgh, a Top 60 school.
  • Need support? Our Student Success team is always available to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Limited to the first 314 students, so claim your spot now!

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Delicious! Your Pumpkin Pi pricing discount code will be delivered piping hot to your inbox momentarily. Pro Tip: Use it asap, only the first 314 students will get the discount!

Frequently asked questions

  • Pi Pricing is first come, first served, available for the first 314 students who enroll with the discount code.

    Discount code redeemable for up to four courses per student.

    Code must be redeemed within 72 hours of Cyber Monday.

    Outlier will send one actual pumpkin pie to one lucky discount-code user, along with a homemade one-of-a-kind Hand-Turkey of Gratitude, drawn by Outlier CEO (and breakout crafts influencer) Aaron Rasmussen.

  • Outlier (from the co-founder of MasterClass) has developed high-quality, university-level for-credit courses, taught online by some of the most celebrated educators in their respective fields. Our courses employ engaging content and cutting-edge educational technology to create an immersive, student-friendly learning experience. Outlier is reimagining higher education as a resource that is accessible, equitable, and affordable for everyone.

  • We are excited to be partnering with the University of Pittsburgh for our courses. Upon successful completion, you will receive 3 college semester credits from the University of Pittsburgh, transferrable to other colleges and universities subject to review and approval by the receiving institution.

    When you transfer your credits, it will come as an official transcript from the University of Pittsburgh for Fundamentals of Calculus I (MATH 6210) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 6010).

    Not sure how to approve your credits or where to start? We’ve created a Transfer Credit Tool Kit for each step you would need to complete when approving and transferring your credits (checklist included).

    Once you've completed the course, you may request a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh and they will send an official E-Transcript to your school of choice.