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College Writing II

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  • Course Overview

    The written word is powerful. It can transport you through time and place, and transform hearts and minds. In this compelling sequel to student-favorite College Writing I, you won’t just explore the ideas of great thinkers—you’ll join them in scholarly conversation.

    Building on the essentials from College Writing I, get ready to level up your writing toolbox with invaluable research and creative writing skills. You'll glean deep insights from riveting lectures, captivating readings, and interactive learning tools. Plus, you'll get real-world writing tips from celebrated writers around the world. Ultimately, this course will help you hone your craft, ask great questions, and trust your voice.

    Outlier’s College Writing I course (or an equivalent College Writing I/Intro to College Writing course from another school) is required before taking this more advanced writing course.

  • Brilliant Instructors

    Fresh from College Writing I, Dr. John Kaag is back to enhance your creative writing skills. This time, the University of Massachusetts professor is joined by a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a renowned professor from Colgate University.

    You’ll also explore diverse perspectives in conversations with 4 guest lecturers who are all celebrated writers in their own genres—from graphic novels to short stories, editorials to travel writing, and beyond.

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    Enjoy cinematic video lessons (our CEO co-founded MasterClass).

    Enhance your learning with gorgeous interactive textbooks based on evidence-based active learning principles.

    When it is time for exams, open windows are designed to fit around your schedule.

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What you'll learn

This course builds on the foundation taught in College Writing I. College Writing II encourages students to hone the creative composition skills needed to write effectively in a college setting (see the syllabus for a complete list).

Introduction to College Writing II

The importance of writing in society and culture
Rhetorical situation, point of view, audience, purpose
What is rhetoric?
Close reading strategies
Plagiarism and citation styles

Experiments and Investigations

Choosing and interviewing subjects
Consulting experts and incorporating differing opinions
Considering the context of language
Using interviews as sources

Analysis and Argument

Analysis review

Distinguishing between analysis and synthesis
Premises, support, and conclusions
Types of arguments

Relation between argument and rhetorical situation

Textual Analysis

Review of critical reading and thesis construction
Providing a clear interpretation
Supporting your interpretation

Reflective Narratives

What is a reflective narrative?

Analysis of personal history
Making an argument through narrative
The personal value and significance of reflection
Grammar lesson: commas

Advanced Research Skills

Keyword searches
Thinking critically about sources
Organizing and recording sources
Eliminating redundancy in source material
Qualitative and quantitative evidence
Annotated bibliography

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