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Golden Gate  University

Pay exactly $0.00 for your degree. For real.

With all-inclusive tuition that’s 1/2 the national average,* Golden Gate University Degrees+ can be fully funded by the maximum Pell Grant, employer benefits, or military benefits. It’s college built for real life. Without the nonsense.

* Source: NCES Table 330.10, 2020-21

Degree features

Maximum Pell Grant


Designed to be affordable - 1/3 the national college tuition average. No surprise costs.

Annual Tuition


Textbooks and fees


Commuting costs


Get fully funded tuition with Pell Grants

For years, federal Pell Grants have helped students pay for their degree. There’s just one problem: college costs have skyrocketed while grant amounts have stagnated. That’s left college out of reach for generations of students.

Not anymore. With high-quality education purposefully priced at 50% less than the national average,* your degree is more affordable and attainable than ever. In fact, for 1 in 2 Americans, Golden Gate University Degrees+ tuition could be fully funded by Pell Grants alone.**

Welcome to college, without the nonsense.

* Source: NCES Table 330.10, 2020-21

** Source: NCES IPEDS, Student Financial Aid 2020-21

Ways to get your degree fully funded:

  1. 1.

    Apply for federal financial aid

  2. 2.

    Take advantage of employer benefits

  3. 3.

    Use your military benefits

Affordable tuition

Institution Total Cost Pell Grant Participating School
Golden Gate University Degrees+ Powered by Outlier $12,740
National average for 2-year programs (Source: NCES) $27,354
Purdue Global $33,390
Penn State World Campus $30,108
Flatiron School $16,900
General Assembly $15,950
Do I Qualify?

All-inclusive. Totally transparent.

  • No No textbooks to buy
  • No No tech or lab fees
  • No No subscriptions
  • No No hidden fees
FAFSA - US Department of Education Federal Aid

Apply for financial aid

how to apply for fafsa

Your degree is closer than you think

  • Employer Benefits

  • Transfer Credits

  • Military Benefits

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we’re serious about seriously affordable education. That’s why Degrees+ is purposefully priced at just $6,370/year, which is well below the full Pell Grant of $7,395. With tuition this low, it opens up 3 paths to fully funded college:

    1. Federal financial aid (including Pell Grants available to those who qualify—1 in 2 Americans do)

    2. Employer education benefits (including Guild and Amazon Career Choice)

    3. Military education benefits (including the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program)

    If you’re eligible for any of these benefits, you could earn your degree through Degrees+ and pay $0 out of pocket.

    Plus, Degrees+ tuition includes everything you need. No textbooks. No hidden fees. No nonsense. Because we believe the true cost of college should be transparent and planning for college should be simple.

    So far, we’ve saved our students millions of dollars in tuition fees. Let’s see how much we can save you!

  • Yes, we encourage all students to file the FAFSA. Even if you don’t think you’ll qualify, there’s no harm in trying. Find out how.

  • We *strongly* encourage you to submit the FAFSA before or while you apply to guarantee that GGU receives it in time. You can expect a response to your application within 10 days, so don’t wait to fill it out. Learn more.

  • Golden Gate University’s school code is 001205. This will ensure GGU receives your application for financial aid.

  • We proudly welcome international students into our programs. Unfortunately, they’re not eligible for financial aid.

  • We offer 3 associate degree programs in popular majors: Applied Computing (AS), Business Administration (AA), and Liberal Studies (AA). Learn more about each program here.