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Brett Roer, Strategic Partnerships Lead

Former New York City High School Principal

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Reimagine college with Degrees+

Degrees+ is an affordable program that will advance your students’ academic and career goals.

  • A regionally accredited associate degree from Golden Gate University
  • A guaranteed path to a bachelor’s degree, plus a job-ready certificate from a top tech company
  • Modern courses that students love with outcomes that rival on-campus results
  • Tuition so low that 56% of students are eligible to have their degree fully funded by a Pell grant (
  • Apply in 30 minutes or less. Complete in a single meeting or class period. No rec letters. No tests.

Dual enrollment your students can take anywhere

Partnering with empowers your top students to:

  • Earn college credits from the University of Pittsburgh, a top 50 school (US News & World Report, 2022 Global School Rankings). Students report that credits earned through have successfully transferred to Harvard, UPenn, Georgia Tech, NYU, and more.
  • Learn from captivating instructors from schools like Yale, Cornell, MIT, and even NASA
  • Strengthen college applications
  • Reduce debt

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