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Intro to Financial Accounting

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    “Numbers tell amazing stories, and if you have the tools to pull out those stories, it’s like a superpower.” - Professor Kelly Richmond Pope

    Outlier’s Intro to Financial Accounting is unlike any numbers-based course you’ve ever taken: you’ll use true crime tales to decode accounting practices that lie at the heart of every business, and learn powerful financial tools to see the story and balance the books on your own.

    If you’re a business owner, CEO, manager—or anyone who’s ever overseen a budget—this course is a guaranteed game-changer.

  • World-Class

    Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D. is dedicated to telling compelling stories that underlie seemingly straightforward balance sheets. She is a professor in the School of Accountancy at DePaul University, and has a lifetime of real-world experience as a licensed certified public accountant (CPA), as well as in the forensic accounting practice at KPMG, LLP on anti-money laundering, insurance fraud, and fraud risk management projects.

    A gifted storyteller, Kelly has been published in leading academic journals, Forbes.com, and The Washington post, and has produced and directed award-winning documentaries about fraud and white-collar crime.

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What you’ll learn

This course covers all the basic principles and latest Financial Accounting topics you’ll need for college credit (and then some—see the syllabus for a complete list), plus:

  • Why the FBI used accountants—not informants—to bring down Al Capone

  • What happened when someone stole $53M through accounting fraud and spent it all on horses

  • How to predict a company’s financial future using accounting

  • Why knowing about the money gives you all the power

  • How to balance the books of any organization, large or small

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