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Brett Roer, Strategic Partnerships Lead

Former Principal from New York City

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By providing more $state high school students with access to college-level online courses that clear a pathway to college in $state, we can drive positive learning outcomes and prepare them for future success -- in college and beyond.

High Schools partner with Outlier.org to provide college-level curriculum, assessment and instruction that:

  • Increases access and equity beyond AP and Dual Enrollment
  • Addresses teacher shortages, training and qualifications
  • Is proven to improve outcomes and performance

Outlier.org fits into distance learning, hybrid or in-person instructional models. And if students do all the work but don’t pass, they’ll have a chance to try again at no cost to the school.

High School students will:

  • Reduce debt and earn 3 college credits from a top 60 US school
  • Learn from captivating professors from school's like Yale, MIT, and NYU
  • Use evidence-based interactive learning tools to deepen understanding
  • Strengthen college applications
  • Build confidence and skill

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