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Calculus I

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    From the co-founder of MasterClass, the world’s best Calculus course is here.

    Outlier’s groundbreaking, evidence-based approach is delivering unprecedented student success.

    Choose from 3 world-class instructors to find the teaching style that best suits you. Practice your skills with question sets, quizzes, and a gorgeous active -learning-based digital textbook. You'll have access to our free, friendly tutors and study group if you need extra help.

    Using real-world examples from science to sports to human happiness, this painless(ish) course will help you master calculus (and even enjoy some non-derivative laughs along the way).

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    We’ve hand-selected three renowned instructors from MIT, Davidson, and University College London. Sample each instructor and choose one that best fits your learning style, or hop between all three!

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    First, choose between a 14-week term or 7-week intensive.

    Enjoy cinematic video lessons (our CEO co-founded MasterClass), and choose between our 3 Calculus instructors.

    Enhance your learning with gorgeous interactive textbooks based on evidence-based active learning principles.

    When it is time for exams, open windows are designed to fit around your schedule.

    Earn 3 transferable college credits provided by University of Pittsburgh, a Top 60 school.

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    Hit a snag on the site? Have a burning question? We’ve got you covered.

    Our dedicated Student Success team is available to assist you—and push you—to help you pass with flying colors.

    Free tutoring is available for this course when you need it. And, if you do all the work but do not pass, we will offer a full refund*.

Transferable credits from a top 50 school

You'll earn college credits from the University of Pittsburgh upon course completion.

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What you’ll learn

For Outlier’s Calculus I course, we require that students have taken and passed a Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry course before enrolling with us. This course covers all the Calculus concepts and techniques you’ll need for college credit, and then some. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Predict your lifetime happiness levels with a simple derivative

  • Predict the perfect temperature for a slice of pizza using Newton’s Law of Cooling

  • Debunk fake YouTube stunts with polynomial derivatives

  • Throw away your expensive graphing calculator forever

  • Use Exponential Decay to model why the Buffalo Bills are losing fans

Other key concepts covered

See the syllabus for a complete list


Representing Functions

Modeling with Functions

Transforming Functions

Exponential Functions

Inverse and Logarithmic Functions


Tangents and Instantaneous Velocity

Limits of Functions

Limit Laws

Continuity of Functions

Limits at Infinity


Derivatives as Functions


Approximating Area and Distance

Definite Integrals

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Indefinite Integrals

Using Substitution


Differentiating Polynomials and Exponential Functions

The Product and Quotient Rules

Differentiating Trigonometric Functions

The Chain Rule

Implicit Differentiation

Differentiating Logarithmic Functions

Differentiating in the Sciences

Differentiating Exponential Functions

Related Rates

Linearization and Differentials

Hyperbolic Functions

Applying integration

Finding Areas Between Curves

Volume by Integration

Volume by Integration - Cylindrical Shells

Calculating Work

The Mean Value Theorem for Integrals

Applying differentiation

Finding Maximums and Minimums

The Mean Value Theorem

Derivative Tests

Indeterminates and L'Hospital's Rule

Sketching Curves

Using Graphing Tools



Hear from our alumni

  • Zoe B.

    Zoe B.

    Calculus I

    “I always struggled in a traditional classroom setting with mathematics. Outlier’s structure made it possible to give the concepts in a way that helped me as someone with no real math background understand Calculus.”

  • Hannah O.

    Hannah O.

    Calculus I

    “After taking Calculus I with Outlier, I feel confident that I can take the higher math classes that are involved in engineering.”

  • Connor H.

    Connor H.

    Calculus I

    “My experience with Outlier.org was a million times better than any I had with a Calculus class in-person. The lectures were beautiful, the examples were completely applicable, and the instructors laid everything out in a way that just made so. much. sense.”

Frequently asked questions

  • We recommend students have earned at least a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. You must be 13 or older and willing to commit yourself academically to enroll in our courses. Students attempting Outlier courses should be ready for the academic rigor of college-level coursework.

    In addition, you'll need Wi-Fi and a laptop or desktop computer. (You can stream lectures in our iPhone app, but you'll need a computer to complete the rest of your courses.)

  • When you Audit an Outlier course, it simply means you’re taking the course without the expectation of earning credits or impacting your college transcript. You will not receive a grade, a transcript, nor credits, and will not be participating in exams.

    Audit Path is ideal for:

    -High school students who are looking to add sparkle to their college applications, or learn more about a subject, but wish to avoid the burden of impacting their permanent records.

    -Lifelong learners who want to take a serious course but aren’t interested in receiving grades or college credits.

    Audit Path includes:

    -Lifetime access. Your course will never expire.

    -Access to all course materials (except midterms and final exams).

    -Access to our Student Success team to ensure you’re still reaching your learning goals.

    Audit Path makes you exempt from the following:

    -Quizzes (though Auditing students can still participate)

    -Midterm finals/grade

    -Final exams/grade

    If Auditing sounds right for you, after registering for your course, simply email us at success@outlier.org and let us know you’d like to go the Audit path. Note: You must contact us with this request before the drop deadline for your course.

  • Tutoring sessions will be scheduled to maximize compatibility with students’ schedules and availability. Exams and writing assignments (when applicable) are each open to take for a set window of time (usually several days); however, all other course materials are available to you from the time the course opens through the end of the final exam window.

  • If you have a request for reasonable disability accommodations, contact success@outlier.org. Please include specifics regarding the accommodation you are seeking. Additionally, if you have a disability accommodations letter from a school you are currently attending, you may send that to us as well.

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