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Time Best Inventions 2020

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Daniela Pico

Strategic Partnerships Lead

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By clearing a pathway and providing more $state high school students with access to college-level courses, we can drive positive learning outcomes and prepare them for future success—in college and beyond.

$state colleges join Outlier.org’s OnRamp Network for free to:

  • Save on student recruitment costs
  • Meet a local, diverse group of college-ready high school students
  • Support a holistic admissions approach
  • Streamline the credit transfer process
  • Guide course selection and tailor student support services
  • Elevate their brand

Your participation in OnRamp helps high school students:

  • Develop greater agency
  • Understand credit transfer policy
  • Make a college list and inform their choice
  • Accelerate deep and focused coursework

Join this live tour to:

  • Discover how Outlier.org works in $state
  • Learn about our pedagogical approach
  • Experience a lecture
  • Get a copy of our Student Profile Infographic


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