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Intro to Statistics

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    This Statistics course is a critical thinking class designed to help you see order in chaos. You’ll gain data analysis tools that help you better understand the world, and make better decisions.

    Our 4 renowned instructors will guide you through building your statistical toolkit, and show how statistics are used to make inferences in a variety of real-world situations.

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    We’ve hand-selected 4 pedigreed instructors who are gifted communicators, each with a passion for teaching the tools of Statistics through a critical thinking lens.

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    Enjoy cinematic video lessons (our CEO co-founded MasterClass).

    Enhance your learning with gorgeous interactive textbooks based on evidence-based active learning principles.

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    Hit a snag on the site? Have a burning question? We’ve got you covered.

    Our dedicated Student Success team is available to assist you—and push you—to help you pass with flying colors.

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What you’ll learn

This course covers all the basic Statistics principles and techniques you’ll need for college credit, plus:

  • The connection between doctorate degrees and cheese consumption

  • The effects of aging and gender on actors’ Hollywood careers

  • The best (or worst) places in America for cat and dog owners to live

  • The real chances of winning big next time you’re in Las Vegas

  • How to spot fake news and bad data

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    Erica S.

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    Connor H.

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    Katie A.

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