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College Algebra

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    At Outlier, we know math can be scary, so we’ve designed a course that works for “not math people” and mathletes alike. This course breaks concepts down into simple building blocks that are easy to understand, and will show you everyday math tricks that will blow your mind.

    Note: If you’re deciding between this course or Precalculus, it comes down to your goals & preferred pace: College Algebra does not include trigonometry, so it has a more relaxed pace and is great for fulfilling a math prereq. If you plan to take Calculus or go into STEM or Business disciplines, Precalculus is the better choice. You can always reach out to hello@outlier.org with any questions.

  • Brilliant

    Outlier’s College Algebra course is taught by Kelsey Houston-Edwards, a charismatic instructor who’s renowned for her ability to clearly communicate complicated concepts, including for shows like PBS' Infinite Series.

    Our guest lecturer, Po-Shen Loh, is a popular math YouTuber and professor at Carnegie-Mellon who has a knack for connecting math with everyday life in the most unexpected ways.

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    Enjoy on-demand movie-quality video lectures, and enhance your learning with fun active learning materials.

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    Hit a snag on the site? Have a burning question? We’ve got you covered.

    Our dedicated Student Success team is available to assist you—and push you—to help you pass with flying colors.

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What you’ll learn

This course covers all the College Algebra principles you’ll need for college credit (and then some—see the syllabus for a complete list), plus:

  • The best way to work with a calculator

  • How many times you can fold a piece of paper in half (and why)

  • How a fly invented geometry (kinda)

  • How to understand cryptocurrency growth using multiplicative factors

  • How to see algebra at work in your dinner menu

Frequently asked questions

  • Outlier by Savvas courses are offered through US highschools

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