World Class Plug-and-Play Dual Enrollment

Pave a new path to higher education for your students.

How We Serve Schools

Expand Dual Enrollment

Outlier empowers high school students to save time and money with our best in class dual enrollment options. Add Outlier to your master schedule and help students prepare for college level coursework, boost their college applications, and accelerate their path to graduation.

Create a Path to Higher Education
We believe every student deserves access to higher education and are building a network of onramp partners to make that dream a reality. Outlier is creating an innovative education community that includes college pathways programs and flexible summer or school year academic enrichment programs.

Integrate Digital Learning
Outlier’s online courses are fully supported and credit-bearing, with beautiful video lectures, an active learning textbook, graded assignments and assessments, proctored exams, and student support for interactive experiences that students rave about and results you can rely on.

Why Students Love Us

Flexible Learning for the Current Student

Our courses give busy students the option to learn at their own pace and make their applications stand out with the flexibility of 100% online college courses that that come with transferable credit.

Affordable College Credit
Outlier is on a mission to increase access to quality education while reducing student debt. Our open-access courses are purposefully priced with tutoring and high-touch support services bundled in so if students need help they won’t pay extra for it. We include guided notes, active learning, and access to on-demand tutoring that make learning on the go easy.

World Class Professors
Outlier courses are led by a diverse set of onscreen instructors whose teaching reflects the diversity of the student experience. Our professors include experts from leading institutions like Yale, MIT, and Harvard, who have collectively taught in community colleges, prisons, and state schools. They are ready to bring their global experience to your students.

What our students are saying

  • “Outlier let me knock out Calculus before I got to college, so my time and money were freed up for things I really wanted to explore.”

    Derrick T.

  • “My older siblings changed their majors twice each. With Outlier, I can test the waters from the comfort of my bedroom, before I even get to campus.”

    Valentina M.

  • “Outlier’s way of teaching Calculus I is the same way your favorite teacher would explain hard concepts: making complex material easier to comprehend and applying it to real-world situations so you truly understand its meaning.”

    Ricardo T.