Join Us As We Build a New On-Ramp to Higher Education

Outlier is partnering with higher education institutions to build bridges for students using the best in digital learning technology.

How We Serve Institutions

Discover a New Kind of Student

Outlier is servicing more non-traditional learners and building flexibility into general education choices. Work with us to build a pathway for highly qualified students into your institution by joining the Outlier OnRamp Network.

Amplify Technology Enhanced Learning
Outlier’s courseware offering leverages our existing introductory level course content - we provide a beautiful foundation to ease the transition to an online or blended format. Our expertly designed content and interactive learning platform, your expertly trained teaching faculty.

Expand Your Online Course Catalog
Use Outlier courses to increase capacity, help students stay on track, and boost retention with fully supported general education courses. Our cinematic video lectures, an active learning textbook, graded assignments and assessments, proctored exams, and student support deliver results on par with in-person instruction.

Why Students Love Us

A Digitally Native Experience
Our courseware is built by game designers and filmed by gifted cinematographers to create compelling, interactive experiences that students rave about while delivering results you can rely on.

Effective Learning
Outlier’s learning tools are built using evidence-based pedagogical principles to enhance comprehension and retention.

Flexible Learning
Students can use Outlier courseware anywhere they are, offering more options to fit into the everyday lives of real students.

Designed for Students’ Lives
Our open-access courses combine flexible learning with extensive student support features to foster active learning, regardless of how long students are logged in. The platform offers constant engagement, step-by-step help, and enables students to reach out to subject matter experts when they need more support.

What our partners are saying

  • “Using’s data-driven strategies and innovative technology and leveraging our shared vision to increase access and affordability, the University of Pittsburgh is exploring new paths to expand high-quality opportunities for education.”

    Ann E. Cudd, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor | University of Pittsburgh

  • “With courses, we are equipping our students with the most innovative and cutting-edge online education technology to advance their academic and professional careers in the field of STEM disciplines.”